We put our work out front. As a small business serving a small and widespread community we rely on the work we do and know that our customers' glowing recommendations are our best advertising. What sets our work apart? Over 20 years experience has taught us to produce work of the quality we'd expect in our own homes.

From the very beginning of the process you'll work with the same people who will be there right through installation. We'll help you select the exact stone that matches your expectations and the rest of your home compared to large warehouse stores whose samples may or may not represent your actual tops due to the great variations in natural stone. From the showroom to your home you'll know you can trust us in your home. When we quote a price that is your actual price. We don't charge extra for each step of the process because we complete the entire process ourselves. Our measuring and our cutting means no confusion and a good fit each time. After they're cut your countertops are hand-edged allowing Creativity and craftsmanship to produce unique custom edges which no CNC machine can recreate. All of our pieces are hand-polished with personal attention to quality and buffed to a high shine. Now ready for your home the same people that have done all the work will be the ones installing that work in your home.

Creative Granite is also a proud member of the Wausau Area Builders Association and Headwaters Builders Association. We believe it is important to bring quality builders and contractors together. By working with members you know that they can be trusted. If our members trust them, you can be sure you can too.

The NFIB works to protect the future of independent business. We believe in small business as the backbone of America and take pride in working with our local businesses. We are confident these relationships increase the quality and lower the prices for all of us.